First Outing with the DIY Car Awnings and DIY Hitch Cargo Carrier

See slideshow below. Well, we finally did our first camp out of the year. I took some of my granddaughters down to the 2017 Joe Nall RC event in Woodruff SC. The car awnings that I had built were fantastic. On most days we merely used one awning as a great shady spot to sit and talk into the late hours. But on our final night of camping the weather forecast was giving a significant chance of rain. We put out both awnings and moved our tents underneath the awnings overnight. It rained that night but our tents and camping chairs were nice and dry the next morning. Having dry gear sure made it a lot nicer for packing up and heading home on our final camping day.

The hitch cargo carrier I built worked great too. Because I used an anti-rattle hitch pin, the cargo carrier was rock solid with no noise, vibration or swaying. The carrier actually made it possible to haul everything we needed for our camping trip. As an added bonus, the cargo carrier acted as a super handy elevated table/platform while we were loading and unloading items during our camping trip. That made it nice since we didn’t have to work with stuff at ground level.

However, since we’re now taking way more glamping gear with us now, I’ve started to using a very small trailer to haul everything, but I still use the cargo rack for small hauling tasks.

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