Grandkid’s School Cabbages Getting Early Start

Well, my granddaughters, Whitney and Brittany, brought me over a couple cabbage plants from their school project. Whitney and I transferred the plants to some larger pots. We then built a simple shelf in a southward facing garage window. The plants are now enjoying the winter sunshine. We hope the garage window will keep them warm and sunny enough to grow. We’ll come back out periodically and update the photos of the plants. Hopefully, we’ll get to document them, from these little plants, all the way to the dinner table!

Update March 7, 2016: Well, as you can see in the updated photo, one plant is doing well and the other doesn’t look so good. We had a lot of cold weather right after I sat these in the garage. The stunted plant is still alive though and I’m hoping that it’ll revive a bit during the upcoming 60-70 degree days!

Update March 18, 2016: Well, the recent warm weather seem to be letting the little cabbage plant (that appeared to be totally dying out) have a little growth spurt. Unfortunately, the next few days won’t’ be quite as warm. However, I believe these little guys are gonna make it just fine and be ready for transplanting to the garden once frost season passes.

Update March 24th, 2016: Well, I rotated the pots 180 degrees so the plants could grow back toward the sunlight from the opposite angle. Heck, these guys (even the little one) might just make it!

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