Fall sowing of kale and collard green seeds

Well, I cleared my little garden space off quite a bit. I then tilled the soil and raked it down smooth. And today, October 14, 2015, I sowed kale and collard seeds in it. For each type of vegetable, I mixed 4 teaspoons seed with 1 cup corn meal and 1 cup of seed starter soil mix. Thoroughly mixing these three items together helps assure that the seeds will be more evenly distributed when spread over the freshly tilled earth. The use of the corn meal, also helps to show the areas that you have spread the mixture over since the corn meal shows up slightly lighter in contrast to the soil. I┬ácome back here and added pictures to this timeline, around every week or so, so you can see a progression of the results. In the end, we got to harvest some of the “baby” kale. We enjoyed it in salads and omelets. The kale withstood some pretty heavy frosts and cold weather. Unfortunately the very cold weather that started around January 6th, 2016 really took the final toll on the young kale, basically freezing it out. I believe I’ll do my fall sowing of kale seeds around early August 2016. Those couple extra warm months should allow it to get much larger before winter kills it out!
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